E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]
E.20 [stereo set]


E.20 [stereo set]

Crafted in our Parisian workshop, the E.20 is a compact loudspeaker made to meet the expectations of the most demanding and discerning listeners.

The 'E' stands for Enceintes (French for loudspeakers), while the '20' denotes the usable acoustic volume in liters. Every detail has undergone a meticulous prototyping phase to achieve pure and optimal sound: from the precise design of our audio filters, to the hand-crafted woodwork on the cabinets and the assembly techniques used. The choice of a discreet yet omnipresent blue for the E.20's inner body enhances the distinctiveness of Hark loudspeakers.

91 dB SPL. 40-20 000 Hz ± 3dB. 100 Watts RMS.

Sale price4.000,00 €

Recommended amplifier power > 20 Watts per channel

Nominal power 50 Watts RMS

Power rating

100 Watts RMS

220 Watts peak

Maximum SPL

91dB (100 Watts RMS/1m)

94dB (220 Watts peak/1m)

Pressure sensitivity 91dB (2,83 Volts at 1m)

Nominal impedance 8 Ohms

Frequency response 40 - 20 000 Hz ± 3dB

Dispersion 90 degree conical

Total harmonic distortion Less than 2% at 100 Watts RMS (40 - 20 000 Hz)

Driver type 2-way MTM speaker

Low frequency 130mm (5 inches) aérogel cone with zamak frame and 25mm (1 inch) edge-wound voice coil

High frequency 28mm (1,1 inches) soft silk-alloy dome tweeter, with round wire voice coil diaphragm

Crossover type Hard- wired, passive, low loss. 1st order LF, 2nd order HF 

Crossover frequency 5 000 Hz

Enclosure Type Rear bass-reflex

Volume External 30 liter, useful 20 liter

Dimensions HxWxD 400x270x280 mm (15,7x10,6x11 inches)

Weight 10 kilograms (22 lbs)

Construction High density 15mm (19/32 inch). Finnish birch plywood

Surfaces Extra matt, transparent varnish

Type Wooden frame

Tissue Black jersey jacquard

Dimensions HxWxD (per speaker) 350x300x420 mm (13,8x11,8x16,5 inches)

Weight 12 kilograms (26,5 lbs)

HARK guarantees that each of our E.20 loudspeakers will perform within ± 2 decibels to its advertised specifications for five years from the date of original purchase. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, it is also automatically transferred with ownership of the loudspeaker system. Any necessary adjustments or repairs, including replacement parts and labor, will be performed without charge.